SLS’s Interpreter Code of Conduct aligns with the core values of beneficence, fidelity, and respect for the awareness of cultural differences as outlined in the National Code of Ethics for Health Care Interpreters. Health care interpreters are privy to confidential and personal information between patients and their care providers, and therefore must demonstrate ethical behavior at all times. Interpreters are encouraged to take an “invisible” approach, strictly communicating information between parties.

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We have a wide range of areas in which we service. Pick one you need help in! We offer Medical/healthcare, financial/banking, insurance, call centers, retail, customer service, travel/tourism, utilities, education, government, and courts/legal service systems. We understand how important academics is and how bridging the gap between Somali families and professional school services is sought after by the community of Somali’s. We are here to prove to companies and schools that we are proficient in these areas.



When court interpreters are sworn in, they instantly become officers of the court for the duration of their assignment. In addition to the SLS company standard Interpreter Code of Conduct, court interpreters are required to comply with the following professional standards: Impartiality, Conflicts of Interest, Compensation/Commission, and Gifts/Rewards.

During legal proceedings, our interpreters shall not converse with parties, witnesses, jurors, attorneys, or with friends or relatives of any party.  Our interpreters will remain the highest level of professionalism at all times.

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